The environmental protection enterprise self-acceptance publicity about the completion of the outdoor rattan weaving furniture project with an annual output of 5000 sets of Linhai Junlin Crafts Co., LTD

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2020-08-03 10:05

Basic information of the project:
Project Name: Linhai Junlin Crafts Co., LTD. Annual output of 5000 sets of outdoor rattan weaving furniture project
Construction content: The total investment of the project is 1,050,000 yuan, including 90,000 yuan of environmental protection investment
Construction unit: Linhai Junlin Handicraft Co., LTD
Construction site: No. 7, North HSBC Road, Jiangnan Street, City
Project leader and contact information: Zheng Weiqin Telephone number: 18957651228
Monitoring and reporting unit:
Taizhou Prosise Testing Technology Co., LTD
Address: 518 Jingjiang Road, Jiangnan Street, Linhai City
E-mail: Zip Code: 317000
Contact person: Zheng Linqiang Tel. : 0576-85936090
Environmental protection implementation:
On March 15, 2018, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Linhai City approved the Environmental Impact Registration Form of the Project of Annual Production of 5000 sets of Outdoor Rattan Weaving Furniture of Linhai City Yunlin Arts and Crafts Co., LTD. (Linhuan District changed [2018] 004). The project implemented the environmental impact assessment system and the "three concurrent" system.
The waste water generated by the project is mainly domestic sewage, which is treated by septic tank and then incorporated into the municipal sewage network, and finally discharged after reaching the standard by Jiangnan Sewage Treatment Plant.
The waste gas produced by the project is mainly welding dust, grinding dust, plastic spraying dust and organic waste gas from curing process. The smoke and dust produced by welding process should be ventilated and discharged without organization. The plastic spraying process is discharged at a height of 15 meters after dust removal by its own filter cylinder; Solidified waste gas to strengthen the workshop ventilation and ventilation device, no organized discharge; After collecting the grinding dust, it is treated by the bag dust collector (5000m3/h) and discharged at high altitude through the 15m exhaust cylinder.
Project noise is mainly the noise of equipment operation. The enterprise rationally arranges the factory plane and tries to arrange the equipment in the center of the workshop. Under the condition of meeting the production needs, low-noise equipment is selected and high-noise equipment is equipped with vibration isolation and vibration reduction devices.
The solid waste of the project mainly refers to the solid waste of the project. The solid waste of the project includes the metal scraps processed by the machine, the rattan scraps produced by the rattan weaving process, the waste packaging materials produced by the production process, and the household waste produced by the workers' daily life. The metal scraps produced by machining, rattan scraps produced by weaving rattan and waste packaging materials produced in the production process are sold for comprehensive utilization, and the household refuse produced by employees' daily life is entrusted to the sanitation department for transportation. The solid waste of this project has been properly disposed of.
According to the monitoring results, the waste water, waste gas and noise of the project all meet the standards.
Ways for the public to submit comments:
The public may submit written comments to the Linhai Branch of Taizhou Bureau of Ecology and Environment by letter or E-mail, indicating their name and contact information for timely feedback.
Publicity period: August 3, 2020 to August 28, 2020.

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