The 2019 National Camping Conference was held in Conghua

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2022-12-27 09:34

On the evening of November 2, 2019, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Guangzhou Conghua Station and the 2nd China (Guangzhou) Conghua Outdoor Leisure Sports Festival, hosted by the China Mountaineering Association, the People's Government of Conghua District and the Guangzhou Sports Federation, officially kicked off at Conghua River Hot Spring Square in Guangzhou. Nearly 2,000 outdoor enthusiasts attended the event. There are also food, bars and lounges, DJ music, band performances and other exciting cultural programs, romantic weddings and interactive experiences. Like a carnival party under the stars, it has effectively promoted the vigorous development of leisure sports such as camping, mountaineering, hiking, river tracing, rafting, etc., as well as the development of sports industrialization.

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